Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Well, we will finally add something to the blog! We spent Christmas down at the Frye's with Kevin, Ginnie, Mark, John, Sarah, and Grandma and Grandpa Oveson from Provo. It was a lot of fun. We had a big dinner on Christmas Eve, Christmas story, some presents and movies.

Christmas morning the kids woke up early and we made them wait until 7:30 to go wake up the rest. Noah woke up Mark by head butting him. A far cry from the kiss I told him to give. The kids got a kitchen and some dragon stuff from Santa. They received a lot of presents and we were blessed with the generosity of many. The rest of the day we slept and played and played some more. I have a cold that some how got to my ear and I feel like I've got water in half my head. Think I tried everything possible with no success. Hopefully a good nights rest will do the trick. :)

We hope you had a wonderful christmas and miss all those we didnt get a chance to share it with.


Kevin, Alix, Noah, and P!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Summer Fun

We had a bunch of fun this summer. There is a splash park close to us that we went to a few times. The kids had a great time
The Boy, I, and John went bike riding in San Fran. Preston hated having me buckle him in. I had to do the karate chop action. The people at the rental place were thinking this lady is insane. But after we started going he was laughing and having a blast. I was the worry one. I dint want to fall and drop him.

Preston playing

This was the best $3 that I spent. The boys played in this pool for hours a day. I lost a bunch of my measuring cups- but a small price to pay for hour of cool fun.

Noah turns 4

Noah turned 4 this year and we had a friends birthday Party. We had a chef party. Each kids had their own oven out of cardboard boxes and paper. We also made hats, pizza, and decorated cookies. This was Noah's first friends birthday party.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

going after my dream

I have always wanted to write a book. And I have decided that I need to follow that dream. While thinking about this adventure an idea came to mind to start a blog about my life. " I wish I was an Octopus: How I balance who I want to be, who I need to be, and well who I am." It will be about me and my kids and my family. And how I try to keep my life a float. I have written a few posts on this Wilcox's blog and seems like people are liking it.
I believe that if I get enough people to follow my new blog, write comments, and share it with people that something good will happen. I have a few people who could be interested and point me in the right direction. But I want to present them with something that is in the works. I dunno. I am thinking 6 months of posts. I know that this is a total looooong shot. And hopefully a book does come out of it, or maybe just a popular blog - thus enticing people to advertise. Anyone interested??? I just have to say I feel good about this. I have been feeling for a while that I need some type of new adventure. I can do this and still be a mom.
So check it out. Tell me what you think. comment. The link is below. Try it out.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

organizing my groceries ??

Today I once again saw my favorite commercial. It is the one made by post-its to advertise their new product.

PPost-it label pads. A lady is dancing around because everything in her house is color coded and organized and just perfect. I know that is the impossible dream, but one that would be so fun to live in. Organization and office supplies I love you. The other day I looked into my money organizer and saw that I still had some birthday money and was thinking about all the fun ways I could spend it. Money, clothing, food, a small vacation ( probably could only afford to go to the next city), then after I saw this commercial I knew. Date night is coming up and I am going to take my husband to the office supply store and get office supplies. I'm thinking I am going to have to surprise him- that way he is stuck :). He does not share my love.
I must have orgainization on my mind because the other day I was at the grocery store and I was daydreaming. I was thinking how fun it would be to go to the store with seven boxes that fit nicely in my cart. The seven boxes would be for each day of the week. I would then grocery shop and put the items in their appropiate box. That way I cant over or under buy and they would be in fun little boxes. Then I would have them placed in grocery bags still all organized and I would have seven boxes in my pantry and seven in my fridge - all labeled of course and I would divey out the food where it goes. Just think of how much time I would save and how awsome it would look. It just makes me smile of how jealious all my friends would be and they would adopt the new trend and I could start a line of "green" boxes from market to home. But that idea crashed and burned when I told my friends of my great day dream and I got this puzzled look from them.
Well as my son says on his birthday. " I wish, I wish , I wish.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fueling the good person

Lately Noah has been very interested in coffee. Why do our not drink coffee? Why do other people drink it and not us? Apparently all the reasons that I gave him were not acceptable (which is normal) he made his own observations. A little background on my son before the story. He loves trains and cars and thinks that he consumes water and food as fuel like cars and trains do. So him asking for fuel or energy would be the same as a kids asking for a drink of water or milk. Back to the story. After Noah asking question after question about coffee and me giving answer after answer he says " oh I know why we don't drink coffee. When we drink water it fuels our good person and when we drink coffee it fuels our bad person. And we don't want to fuel our bad person, so we should not drink coffee." There you have it fokes. If you don't want to fuel your bad person don't drink coffee. How he gets these ideas is beyond me. But the fact that he comes up with his own answers inspires me.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The inspiring artist

Just to let everyone know Noah has been banned from markers for a while. Today while I was watching them- well lack there of. I found that Noah had color his younger brother Preston with Markers. He must have ran out of paper. Which is odd because we have so much paper I have no idea what to do with it all. But lately he is a coloring craze and your younger brother is something that you just don't get to color every day. I am guessing that Preston was ok with it since he did not cry about it. As a good parent I am, I just said "ok" because it was my fault. I have clarified, to my son, that we do not color on the walls, or my kitchen table, or our toy cars. I must have miss YOUR BROTHER!! And if you know my Noah you must know that you must clarify all aspects of all the rules. He is just barley 4 and will find the chinks in all rules. Anyways, we ended up taking a mid afternoon bath. I must say that now I am going to have to go and buy the book. Purple, Green and Yellow by
Robert N. Munsch.
It is a wonderful book about a girl who gets markers and colors her dad while is is sleeping. Great book. I wonder if Robert ever had a first hand experience of actually coloring his sibling or he got to take the parent role - like I did today. ???

Sorry no pictures. I need to learn. Take pictures. Just have to hope it does not backfire- and encourage bad thing. But maybe I could sell a book about all the things that my kids do and all things that they get into. Hmmm idea. New Anne Geddes line????

Sunday, June 6, 2010

for you grandma

Grandma you asked that we update and see the boys so here you are.Me keeping Preston entertained while I was trying to unpack and clean the house when we got back from mexxico
NOah at music makers, they were swimming in the water

A cute pic of Preston
Noah at Music makers again. They are singing songs about the ocean.
The boys are playing baseball

ummm I cant remember what they videos are about, but the YOu TUBE ones are of Noah reading a book all by himself and of Preston walking. He is now spinning in circles and then falling to the ground. He thinks he is pretty funny. I will have to get a video of that.

disneyland 2010

My sister was leaving on her mission so we decided to spend some time together and go to Disneyland. I dont have a ton of pics because my camera was being funky and my sister didnt give me hers before she left, but here is what I have.

It was a fun trip, and a long drive. We went to the park for 3 days. It was a lot more crowded that we thought it was. Everyone was there thinking that it was a good time because we thought no one would be there. The kiddie rides were crazy busy. It was good that Noah liked to ride the big rides. He loved tower of terror. He said it was scary but then kept asking to go on it. He was quite the celebrity on the ride because everyone was like this kid likes it and was so amazed that he did. He also liked space mountain- because it was his dad's favorite ride. His all time favorite was the toy story ride where you shoot the aliens. We went on that alot! Thank goodness the line was always short for that. Splash Mountain was also a favorite but we went on that one twice because the line was super long. christine went with him first. we he saw the big drop he asked her " is that what we are going on" she was hesitant but said yes. he said "awsome" and held his hands up the whole time. THEN when i went on with him he told me to put up my hands and to not be afraid.
Preston was a handful and didnt like the lines. he wanted to just walk around- where ever. But he did like his lightup toy and was a trooper for staying in the stroller.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Preston turns 1 !!

Preston has turned the big one. Crazy. While I am being the typical mom and I'm sad that he is growing up to fast, kevin is excited to see his boy growing up and is excited to see that he is excited to walk soon. Noah was excited to that preston can play with him and that he got cake. His birthday was on Monday and we had a little party with a cupcake, then on Tuesday we went down to the grandparents to have a combined party with John. And he got his own cake. It was a party.

The cozy car that preston got for his birthday.