Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fun faces

In no particular order.
Noah telling me he was going to get his uncle John.
Preston surprising and waking me with flowers
Preston getting pretty before we go to grandmas. He then brushed my hair for 20 minutes
Jack chilling and napping
For about a week Preston insisted on wearing his backpack and riding his scooter everywhere. Yes I did have to cart that thing into the stores and to Noah's school and yes he did rode it around the house. I thought it was cute so I totally let him.

Preston turns 3

Preston turned 3. And what a happy birthday he had. On his actually birthday we didnt do much. We woke up and Preston opened his Thomas train toy that Noah picked out for him. The boys played with that all morning. Then we went and got birthday donuts.
Preston really wanted a blue , green , and orange cake. So I baked him a white cake I dyed green , and orange and then dyed the frosting blue. It was gross and I had a hard time eating that much food coloring but p loved loved loved it !!
While Kevin was making dinner we were practicing singing and blowing out the candles. We did it about 20 times till there were no more candles. Preston would say again, again. We I just kept doing it. I had to with that cute face smiling at me.
The next day we had his party. It was a beautiful 75-80*. It was just a play date with friends. I made a bunch of bubbles and bought 10 bubble wands and we met at the park. The kids played bubbles forever and then at the park then more bubbles. It was a beautiful day and Preston /the bubbles were getting a lot of attention. Good thing we had a ton of wands because all the park kids came and played. Preston thought that was a blast.
Then we went down to my parents and had a big family dinner and opened presents. Preston got a bike from us air was a really really fun day and he loves being 3.

Funny things Noah said this past month.

Noah informed me that when Jesus comes we will have to wake up jack so he can see him also. Jack won't want to nap through that.

Noah and I were playing I love you as much. I said I love you to the moon and back. He said he loves me as deep as the dirt and worms. What a boy thing to say.

I am lion hear me roar.

Jack is now 5 months and I do believe he will have red hair. Today he has his zoo overalls on and is playing/chewing on his animals. He can roll over yet is so fat and lazy does not.
Look at that smile face