Wednesday, September 9, 2009


For Kevin, Mine(alix) and noah's birthday we went down to Disneyland for a few days. We had a wonderful time. My sister Christine came with us and then my family came down for one day. It was an exausting and extreamly hot but we had a wonderful time. We also picked a great time to go because the whole park was still open but we had little to no lines. We road the rides over and over and over again. Thank goodness we had three adults who could take turns. Noah loved autotopia, peter pan, pirates, the roller coaster in Mickey town, and splash mountain. He now does pirate faces in all his pictures. He thought Splash Mountain was a big slide. He thought soaring over CA was a fun ride and even found my parents house. We even road the train. Noah called it the Locomotive train. When we got back home he was dissapointed with a little train we had. He wanted the Disneyland Locomotive train. How can I blame him :) We also met Mickey but he was scary. He also loved the fireworks. Preston also loved the fireworks and just laughed through them all. He was wonderful the whole time. I think that he was on sensory overload. We had a wonderful time. Noah keeps asking when we can go back. I am also asking Kevin when we can go back. We ended up getting season passes so that we can just get in the car and go. SO FUN!!! Here we are on Its a small world
One of the 14 times Noah road autotopia. He would always say he was in the piston cup. Which is a reference to the movie cars.
We are meeting mickey
In the tea cups. I was dizzy.
riding big thunder mountain railroad
look at these cool hats we got
yep that my happy boy

dont worry we found the train

my dad and I waiting with the kids in CA while the family road the water ride

Noah turns 3

We celebrated Noah's 3rd birthday about a week and a half ago. We gave Noah Disneyland... and a whole lot of other train stuff for his birthday so we had to celebrate before we left. My sister Christine was coming with us and we needed to leave before she went back to school. Noah is giving his grandma a thank you hug.

The newly weds are putting together Percy lego's

Noah giving his grandpa a thank you hug. He was very thankful for everything he got.

Make a wish. Check out that cake.

Opening presents. Man we spoiled him this year.

I am not very good at the whole blog thing. We have a bunch of video also. That will come later. Enjoy. Happy 3rd Birthday Noah I hope you had a great day!!!!!!