Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter 2008

Our Easter weekend was filled with lots of fun filled/crazy events. It all started with Alix getting sick. She thought she just had a zit or something on her face. She woke up the next morning and her lip was numb and swollen. She thought she would wait to go to the doctor, but it was obvious she needed to see one. We saw a doctor that was a friend of the family in Napa and he got her on some antibiotics, but the next morning it was worse so she went in. The doctor didn't really do much and sent Alix home. Friday morning the swelling had reached her eye and in Alix's words, "I look like a freak." So, she couldnt get into the doctor as they said there were no appointments, but she went down and forced her way in. They sent her to the hospital where they did tests, but couldnt confirm that she had MRSA so they just lanced it, gave her shots, more drugs, and sent her home. We wont know until Monday if it is MRSA, if it is, she is probably going to the hospital for a day or so to get drugged up. That is probably what will happen. For the meantime she is trying to put on a happy face for Easter, but she is in pain so we do the best to try to ease the pain

Even though all of this is going on, we still decided to do Easter. Saturday morning some friends in Napa have their annual easter egg hunt so we went over there. There are some pics and vids of Noah of that. After that, we came back and did Easter with Alix's family in the afternoon. Noah searched for his eggs and found his cars inside the eggs. Noah got some books and lots of candy for easter. Doesnt really like the candy actually. He will start to eat it and then spit it out, so we have lots of chocolate stains and hand prints everywhere. All in all, it has been a great Easter weekend so far and we just hope our luck can improve with our health. Happy Easter everyone!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

P-51 Update

Nothing on this post but to let the guys know who want to see the plane to go down and see a few pics and vids of the P-51. For the rest of you, go check out little Noah.

Funny Noah

Here are some fun pics of Noah we took tonight and over the last few days. He was eating pasta and wiping the sauce on Mom and in his hair. We went to Uncle John's swim meet. Besides the speedos, we had a good time. Noah really liked the goggles and he kept wanting to put them on. He also kept trying to go after John, but one time he couldnt tell which one was John and all of the guys had speedos on. We will just say Noah chose wrong and pinched someone on the butt. Luckily, it was a friend of the fam. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Past Year Highlights

We know there were certain videos that people have enjoyed over the last year, so we thought we would add some highlights of the past year for everyone to see. 

Noah loves to stick on daddy's boxing gloves and take out his frustrations. Sometimes he just gets rid of the gloves and hits it.
Noah knows how to shake his hips better than any of us. He proves that here. If you tell Noah to dance, this is what he does. Noah started to eat his cake before we even got a chance to sing. So, I decided to help him out and just let him stick his face right in it. I wish someone would do that for me!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Noah at the Park

Dad and Noah had tried to go to the park all week with no luck. Getting home at 6 doesnt help. So, finally on Friday, we got to go to the park and play for a bit. There are some good pics of the little man. He has learned how to climb ladders and even though he thinks he is stuck at times, eventually he gets up the ladder and down the slide.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Noah Loves to Read

He goes into his room all the time with his reading pillow and grabs books to reads. He loves to look at dads airplane magazines and make noises when he see the planes. Then, he tears it apart. He makes sounds and enjoys making the animal sounds that he knows. Mom reads with him all day and probably is his favorite time of the day. A couple of books at night and then its night night.