Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Summer Fun

We had a bunch of fun this summer. There is a splash park close to us that we went to a few times. The kids had a great time
The Boy, I, and John went bike riding in San Fran. Preston hated having me buckle him in. I had to do the karate chop action. The people at the rental place were thinking this lady is insane. But after we started going he was laughing and having a blast. I was the worry one. I dint want to fall and drop him.

Preston playing

This was the best $3 that I spent. The boys played in this pool for hours a day. I lost a bunch of my measuring cups- but a small price to pay for hour of cool fun.

Noah turns 4

Noah turned 4 this year and we had a friends birthday Party. We had a chef party. Each kids had their own oven out of cardboard boxes and paper. We also made hats, pizza, and decorated cookies. This was Noah's first friends birthday party.