Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Prestons first day of school

Preston started school on the 19th. It is the little pre school connected to the elementry. Noah went there and Preston spent many days taking noah to school and picking him up. HE was very ready and had a hard time when noah started and it was not his turn yet. Well monday was finally the day. I had been a rough night before with many visitors in my bed and I was cranky that morning. Preston quickly got ready and was very anxious to go. We have about 20 minutes between Noah's drop off and prestons so we played at the park. 3 other kids from primary are in there. When it was time he ran in sat at a table and started playing puzzles. I said bye and he was off to another activity. Apparently he was ready. More so that I thought he would be. When I picked him up he promply informed me that he followed all the rules and didnt run or do cartwheels in the classroom- i guess that is a rule.... wonder why?
Jack and I both missed the big boys all day. But he is happy. Today he was very sad that he cant go to school today. its MWF and is excited for K when he gets to go everyday.

Noahs first day of school.

Noah started school on the 15th. He got Keyworth with Brayden Prichett. He was very excited to go back to school. He woke up at 6:30 and was dressed and all ready to go. I am glad that he is ready to go back. The report I got after school was that he now has 3 recesses, the bathrooms are outside, he has to sit with his class at lunch in the cafateria, and that they didn't learn much today. 
I also put a little post-it note in his pail and at free time he wrote me one back saying. I love u mama. He was so excited to come home and show that to me. He has continued liking school and has made a friend name Danny. He is still waiting to practice reading so that he can read Harry Potter and watch 5, 6, 7. Our rule is you have to read them to watch them. 
I have missed him voice around and I make preston follow me around while I clean up so I can at least hear him. 
Jack has desperatly missed his brother and asked all day long where is Noah. I have to play a slide show for him on my computer everyday. He gets really excited about it.