Wednesday, May 20, 2009

At the Lagoon

Alix and Noah went off to the Lagoon one day and decided I should come as well some evening, so last week we went. It was crazy. We got out of the car and about 200 ducks and geese came over. I have never seen so many and not scared at all. I mean right in your face trying to get food. I tried to throw some food so they would go after it, but they just waited for me to give it right to them. Eventually, we had to escape and they chased us. In the process of throwing them bread as they chased us, I chucked my phone, so I had to go in the middle of them and get it. We finally got far enough away that Noah could play on the truck they have, but he wanted to feed them, so the second we fed one, about 20 came over, but at least the whole group didnt as they couldnt see us. Noah had fun and they are very aggressive, so it was good he could be in the back of the truck as they will fight to get the food. Even the little birds showed up, it was crazy. There are well over a thousand geese and ducks and if you go any where near them with food, they will attack you for it! It was fun though and Noah liked it although he does get scared when they charge him. Here are a couple of videos as well on you tube.

Preston Swimming, well Kinda!

For Family Night, we were invited to go swimming with friends. It had been very hot for a few days, but of course it cooled down to like 95 on Monday. By the time we got there that evening, it was down to like 70 because of the shade, but the pool was very warm so Noah and I had a blast. Preston of course decided sleeping was more fun then getting in the pool with his brother and dad, kind of like his mom. She just decided to chat with all her friends and never got in even though it was warmer in the pool then out on the chairs. So, Noah and I jumped off the diving board over and over again. I drenched all the kids with large splashes which unfortunately they enjoyed and wanted me to continually do it again. I guess my fat body comes in good for something!

The photos are of a toy Preston got so he can lay down and do something. As you can see Noah likes to help! The other pictures are of Preston ready to go swimming with a hat. I believe someone gave us the swim outfit, so Alix made sure to get it all on. He always smiles now, but I never had the camera, so for most of you this would be the first time to see him smile. He is a happy baby although he does like to be held quite a bit. Sometimes he wont care for hours and then sometimes he wont sleep and just wants to be held all day long, so thats life. As I take more pics of him smiling I will get him on. If we can get a video of him laughing as he does that as well, I'll put it on for you!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


As now life as settled down a little bit I (Alix) thought I would post a few pictures of what we have been up to. Kevin and Noah went to Father's and Son's camp out and had a blast. Noah thought that camping was a blast. When he woke up he said "did we have a sleep over". He has been asking to go on more camp-outs. Besides running around, Noah spends time with his trains. He has also picked up the joy of reading. I am so proud of my little boy . Enjoy!! 

Dont forget to watch Noah reading