Friday, April 10, 2009


I did this post about 2 weeks ago now and just realized I forgot to post it. I am amazingly smart!!! So, I am reposting it for people to see and we will try to add some pics and vids of when my mom and dad were here a week ago. Although, my dads computer broke, so we are waiting to get some pics from them, but for the meantime, I will try to do a new post with some of those pics.

We went to the Wagner's, long time friends of Alix's family for the easter egg hunt Friday morning. They moved it as it is spring break here. Lots of kids got to run around and find eggs. Noah had a lot of fun and he even had both Grandma's there to share it with. Preston had his first Easter, but he didnt do too much!!!

Noah also got a kite that is a P-51. It needs about 15 mph to fly so as you can see in the video it didnt want to fly, but Noah made us try either way on two separate days. It will be a cool kite once we get enough wind to fly it. Noah had a lot of fun and liked to run with the string as far away as possible which made it really hard to not get tangled while running to get the kite in the air!

Here are the links to two Videos: