Thursday, July 23, 2009

lake Powell

We once again made the 990 mile adventure to Lake Powell, which is in southern Utah. We had a blast!! The week is all about swimming, boat, and bonding with the family. This is a Frye Family (Alix's family) tradition.
Enjoy the pictures and movies. They are in a funky order- but you will get the idea.

This is the definace house which we walked up to. Its a old native american home. We told noah we were going to an indian house and when we got there he asked where is the indian home and we said this is it. He was not impressed.
inside the house boat

John and Noah on the boat. Noah was not a big fan of the boat at first and would always complain that it was too bumpy or that we were going to fast. He would say " slow it down" then my siblings thought it would be funny to have him say "slow it down for all you lovers out there". He liked it at the end and would help drive even.

This was just a pretty picture. The colors didn't turn out quite right. The sky was so blue it almost looked purple. Just the family swimming. We did a lot of swimming, it was HOT!!
Baby Preston in his boat coat and ready to go swimming.

Sarah and Grandpa Kevin on the wave runners. LOVE the hat dad!!
Noah's fish that he caught. He was very excited and not scared at all. He wanted to go swimming with the fishes.

The house boat had a slide. Noah loved the slide.
What a bunch of studs.

Noah is helping grandpa Kevin drive the big house boat.
It was 112* one day and we spent the entire day in the water, Preston included. His uncle John was playing with him.

Fish On!!! Thats what you say when you catch a fish. Noah was so excited to go fishing. He even caught a "kitty" cat fish.

That is the view from our boat.
At this is our boat. Summer Haven
Some video's.

Washing DC

Fathers and Sons

It is a tradition to go on Father's and Son's and Kevin got to take Noah this year. They went with Alix's family because Kevin was going to be gone the weekend of our ward's. The boys had a blast. Noah loved sleeping in a tent and using the outside restroom. Oh the joys of a two year old boy!!No Preston didn't get to go to fathers and Son's this year but i thought it was a cute picture of two studly boys

What a good group.