Tuesday, August 30, 2011


When we went to monterey we went to the aquarium first. The boys loved to look at the fish and Noah even touched the sea star. We saw some amazing ocean displays. The kids loved the sharks the best. 

 The boys checking out the sea lions on the rocks below. 

We also went to a fun park and did slides, played on an old train. It was a hit on the last day. 

Silly hats we tried on from the store that we had to buy a stroller from. Yes we forgot a stroller- that was not the smartest move. Lesson learned- you will always need a stroller!! 

We went and played on the beach 2 days. The boys loved the sand and the waves. Preston would love to have his dad jump the waves with him all day every day. Noah also got pretty good at the frisbee.  

We even went on the 7 mile drive. It was beautiful. The boys didn't love it. We did get some good pictures, somehow we didn't get any with all 4 with us in it. Oh well. 

Our trip was a blast and a great way to celebrate all our birthdays and anniversary. We are looking forward to our next beach trip. 

1st day of school

Noah's first day of Pre School. He was very excited about his lunch box- thus it being in every picture that we took the first day. 

 Later that day we got invited to go swimming. Noah was excited that our friends had a mask and snorkel. He was a killer whale.

The boys checking on our produce. Noah was being a scientist and he had to wear his special gloves so the bugs don't get him. He found lots of wonderful discoveries with his magnified glass.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

at the lake

My dad (Alix) took us out on the lake the other day. We had some minor hiccups and the boat broke, but thank goodness we all had turns playing before we were stranded. We almost had to spend that night on the boat!! The Boys and I had a really fun time on the tube. The whole time they were yelling faster and I was yelling slow down!! I wish I had a tape recording of their laughter because it was priceless.
Noah also loved jumping off the boat. This is his spashly cannonball. Look at those hops.
More pictures from the trip. Noah the flag guy. My brother Mark mid back flip. Yes he landed it. My dad the driver and the boys and I cooling off in the water.

This trip was FUN FUN FUN!! Thanks grandpa