Sunday, June 6, 2010

for you grandma

Grandma you asked that we update and see the boys so here you are.Me keeping Preston entertained while I was trying to unpack and clean the house when we got back from mexxico
NOah at music makers, they were swimming in the water

A cute pic of Preston
Noah at Music makers again. They are singing songs about the ocean.
The boys are playing baseball

ummm I cant remember what they videos are about, but the YOu TUBE ones are of Noah reading a book all by himself and of Preston walking. He is now spinning in circles and then falling to the ground. He thinks he is pretty funny. I will have to get a video of that.

disneyland 2010

My sister was leaving on her mission so we decided to spend some time together and go to Disneyland. I dont have a ton of pics because my camera was being funky and my sister didnt give me hers before she left, but here is what I have.

It was a fun trip, and a long drive. We went to the park for 3 days. It was a lot more crowded that we thought it was. Everyone was there thinking that it was a good time because we thought no one would be there. The kiddie rides were crazy busy. It was good that Noah liked to ride the big rides. He loved tower of terror. He said it was scary but then kept asking to go on it. He was quite the celebrity on the ride because everyone was like this kid likes it and was so amazed that he did. He also liked space mountain- because it was his dad's favorite ride. His all time favorite was the toy story ride where you shoot the aliens. We went on that alot! Thank goodness the line was always short for that. Splash Mountain was also a favorite but we went on that one twice because the line was super long. christine went with him first. we he saw the big drop he asked her " is that what we are going on" she was hesitant but said yes. he said "awsome" and held his hands up the whole time. THEN when i went on with him he told me to put up my hands and to not be afraid.
Preston was a handful and didnt like the lines. he wanted to just walk around- where ever. But he did like his lightup toy and was a trooper for staying in the stroller.