Saturday, October 31, 2009

P Crawling

Pretson has been crawling backwards, circles, and when you dont watch, forwards!!! In a matter of seconds when you didnt watch he would crawl over to Noahs train tracks and destroy them. We had seen him crawl, but only small amounts. This morning, Hot Air Balloons were flying right over our house, so we walked outside to see them as they were only 50ft in the air. When we turned around, Preston was at the door to greet us. He had crawled about 10-15ft. So, we set him down to do it again and as you can see in the video he gets distracted, but eventually he makes it there. As long as no one is watching, he crawls fast, but when you want him to, he does it at his pace and just throws a lot of smiles your way. Check out the video, its a good one and also the pics of the hot air balloon.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Noah and his new train

Noah got lucky that a friend of ours had a nephew who had grown out of the train stage. So, Noah got a huge thomas train set and more. We gave him the train track but not all of the engines as we have a grocery bag full of engines this kid has as well. Finally, I got home from business to make the track. Its a big track and he sticks his trains on it and has a lot of fun. There is a whole other part to this track I didnt add for cars and then another track with airport and shopping stops, but I figured this was more then big enough!!!

Preston is now crawling, so he torments Noah by taking his engines and breaking the tracks. Alix is going to love that during the day! I took a small video with my phone of Noah running the engines and trying to make them not crash, but some are faster then others. Preston is sitting there getting ready to pounce and showing off his crawling skills/sitting up from a flat position.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I was thinking that I needed to update our blog, but could not think of much that has been going on. I thought I would just upload a much of pictures from my phone that I have taken in september and October.

Here are some videos. Click on the link to see the videos.
Playing Peek a boo

Since it is October its pumpkin time. I didn't want to do Noah and pumpkin mess and so when I saw this cool Mr. Potato head pirate pumpkin kit I thought score. 1. Mr. Potato head- we love that since Disney and seeing Toy Story in the theaters, 2. pirates- because our new favorite movie is Peter Pan. He sings "yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me" all the time. and 3rd its October and Noah loves pumpkins.

This is his pirate face.

Kevin has been traveling alot for work. Noah likes to take over the male role model and take care of his Mom when his Kevin is gone. Noah is making me dinner. Cookin up some rolls. No the BBQ is not on. He has not learned that yet. But my smart little guy will probably do that soon and I am sure I will have to Noah proof that also. *sigh*

I got a coupon to take photos so I went and took photos. I had to take pictures to see what I thought of them . I loved the one of Preston. If he opened his mouth you would see his tooth.
Just the boys hanging out.

We were hanging out at Alix's parent's home and Noah wanted to wear big boy underwear like his uncle John- well they didn't fit. So just like men- they used duck tape to fix the problem. oh John and Noah you two are funny.
This is a little glimps of what my front room looks like every single day. The Island of Sodar as Noah calls it is made with his wooden tracks on one side of the couch
His Thomas Legos on the other side.
This is my handsome man doing his manly boy things like trucks and tools. He is sitting up very well now and is thinking about crawling.
We went to a science museum at Alix's parents house. Noah is excavating dino's in the blue tires with his dump trucks