Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas is Here!!!

Christmas is off and running. I got as many of the lights up as possible. Unfortunately I switched around the icicle lights in the middle of the strand and had to restring them after it was dark to be able to run power. Still, we got it going. Still have to add some more snowmen and santa clauses to the front and some more lights in different places, but its looking ok. Got it set on a timer as well, so simplifies when they go on and off. First year I have been able to really do lights at my own house, so it was a lot of fun. Enjoy the quick video and we will get some more up when its all done!


Alix and I got our Christmas present a littler early. We bought  a sony hd camera, so here are some first takes with it. Of course, the video is suppressed on the blog, so wont be anything amazing here, but its a nice camera. Havent been able to take much with Noah yet, but will be adding videos of him shortly as well. At least this way the rest of his life wont be in 10 second clips on our digital camera!

The clips are of the new edge and the vecjet. The vecjet is hard to see in the video because the video is small and so is the plane itself. But, you can get the picture of the speed it has and the climb rate if you watch closely. The edge flies great although I had a little hard landing or the touch and go did it. Compressed the fuselage a little right underneath one side of the landing gear, but easy fix and already is done. Ready to fly again!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Edge

Well, finally got the edge done and in the air. Alix took a small video of the take off and the landing and did a good job. Especially considering my transmitter was beeping and saying dead battery, so I had to bring it in quick and she caught it. As you can see Noah loves to go flying and that is pretty much what he asks to do all day long. He brings out his planes and lines them up with mine. He flies them around and if you listen you can hear him making sounds in the background. He wasnt too happy when we had to leave, but he never is when we take him away from flying!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Yeah for halloween. This year his mom made him an airplane costume. He like flying- and he liked his "cool eyes" aka his goggles. We went trunk or treating with Alix's family. That was a little overwhelming for Noah and a scary money costume freaked him out. He kept saying that Halloween was scary and was very worried that the monster was going to get John, so he helped John pass out candy. Then we went to the neighborhoods and that was a big hit. The houses were not scary, they were happy houses. Noah loved it and was amazed each time that he got "more candy" It was alot of fun and everyone loved his costume. 

picking pumpkins

We went and picked out pumpkins and went on a tractor ride. Noah loved the tractor ride. We then let him pick out which ever pumpkin he could carry. He loves pumpkins.