Friday, June 27, 2008


Since Noah has been born, he has not been fond of the water. I normally forced him to get in and he cried a little, laughed, and then cried some more. Last weekend, Alix was down in Napa and I guess he decided jumping into a pool was a lot of fun. I had to be down in Napa for some business, so I had to see Noah in action for myself. He hasnt gotten the idea of swimming, so if you let him go, he will take a large drink of water, but as long as you hold on to him he has a great time. I even got him to take some jumps off the diving board. He just laughs and you count to three and he jumps. Should be a lot of fun this summer going down to the in-laws and playing with Noah in the pool!

Noah Ice Skating

Noah went ice skating for the first time. He thought it was great except when he fell and the ice made him a little wet and cold. Alix's family was there to skate with him and help him learn to stand on skates. It was fun, but they wouldnt let us pick him up, so that turned out to be a challenge. All in all, it was great and I am sure we will be back soon!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

New Car

Here is the new car. Sorry the outside pics went to the bottom. It is an Audi A6 4.2. It has 350 horse power and is very fun to drive. Very smooth. After driving the BMW and this, the Audi just seemed like a much nicer ride and so much nicer interior. There are a lot of cool features and I am just figuring them all out now. Probably the coolest feature is the fact that the keys never have to leave your pocket. You walk up to the door, it senses you are there and it unlocks. You just sit down, push the start button and it starts and the keys stay in the pocket. Its a lot of fun. Kind of weird though to shut off the car and reach for the keys and not have them be there. That has taken some getting used to. 

Noah's New Bed

Here is Noahs new bed. He loves to jump on it. He is starting to go to sleep better and not fight, but he did figure out how to open his door, so he will get up and open it. It is a constant battle to try to keep him in when he really doesnt want to go to sleep, but he is learning and so are we.