Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lets Play Ball

Lets Play Ball 

1st of all let me apologize for the fuzzy and overexposed pictures, I am being brave and figuring out how to use my camera on maunuel. I am still a beginner. 

Yesterday from my window I got to watch all my boys playing baseball. All hitting, catching, and laughing. The little guy is getting old enough to join in on the big boy fun and i love watching the three of them interact. The faces of pure excitement are my favorite. 

This one is my favorite. He raises his foot before he winds us. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

We are a team

Yesterday my middle guy came running across the field with tears steaming down his face. Some older boys had called him a baby and excluded him from their game. His two year old brother got right up and said he was going to tell those boys to be nice. They were not going to make his older brother cry. Away he went. My middle guy with tears streaming down his face told me that the boys would not listen and call him a baby also, because he is a baby. Very true I explained, but you have a brother who loves you and will stick up for you and help you when you cry. He then stood up and said. I am not going to let those boys also be mean to my  little brother. 

Life throws us curve balls. I am thankful the the family and friends who have rushed out to help fight my battles, even though it would not help. Its always nice to know you are not alone and you have a team. I was touched that my little guys knows our family is a team.  

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Our Luckiest days

At dinner my oldest son was asking about our luckiest days we ever had.

My sweet husband said it was the day that he met me. 

I asked my oldest son what he said his favorite day was. He said March 8th. The day the his younger brother was born. He said that now he was not alone and he had a best friend. He does have that. Those two are the best of friends. I could not be more thankful for that. The two of them are also making a close bond with their youngest brother. I hope this friendship will continue for their lifetime. 

My heart if full today to know that our little family will be together forever. That they will always be brothers. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Prestons first day of school

Preston started school on the 19th. It is the little pre school connected to the elementry. Noah went there and Preston spent many days taking noah to school and picking him up. HE was very ready and had a hard time when noah started and it was not his turn yet. Well monday was finally the day. I had been a rough night before with many visitors in my bed and I was cranky that morning. Preston quickly got ready and was very anxious to go. We have about 20 minutes between Noah's drop off and prestons so we played at the park. 3 other kids from primary are in there. When it was time he ran in sat at a table and started playing puzzles. I said bye and he was off to another activity. Apparently he was ready. More so that I thought he would be. When I picked him up he promply informed me that he followed all the rules and didnt run or do cartwheels in the classroom- i guess that is a rule.... wonder why?
Jack and I both missed the big boys all day. But he is happy. Today he was very sad that he cant go to school today. its MWF and is excited for K when he gets to go everyday.

Noahs first day of school.

Noah started school on the 15th. He got Keyworth with Brayden Prichett. He was very excited to go back to school. He woke up at 6:30 and was dressed and all ready to go. I am glad that he is ready to go back. The report I got after school was that he now has 3 recesses, the bathrooms are outside, he has to sit with his class at lunch in the cafateria, and that they didn't learn much today. 
I also put a little post-it note in his pail and at free time he wrote me one back saying. I love u mama. He was so excited to come home and show that to me. He has continued liking school and has made a friend name Danny. He is still waiting to practice reading so that he can read Harry Potter and watch 5, 6, 7. Our rule is you have to read them to watch them. 
I have missed him voice around and I make preston follow me around while I clean up so I can at least hear him. 
Jack has desperatly missed his brother and asked all day long where is Noah. I have to play a slide show for him on my computer everyday. He gets really excited about it. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Indoor soccer

Noah just finished his indoor soccer season. He was a fighter and wanted a goal so bad. It was a hard season because they played a ton of competitive teams. But the kids did so good!!! Noah was a great player and his coach played him hard and counted on him to bring it. I loved watching his face when he was "on a mission"
We had our award ceremony tonight and we got a trophy. Noah informed me that yes it's made of real gold. "Well not the ribbon but everything else is. "
I'm do proud of my little guy.

Friday, December 28, 2012


HAPPY 1st Birthday Jack- You are ONE!! 

 Jack loves to eat dirt the boys (Noah) thought we should have a farm birthday party for Jack. Noah planned the whole thing. 

These pictures were for his invite which would not upload 

it said...

with a jack jack here and a jack jack there 
here a jack there a jack everywhere is a jack jack 

which pretty much describes jack to a T 

Is this not the cutest cake in the whole world

All of the boys wanted to be in on the photo shoot. 

 jack just at the worms and didn't really care for the cake. Good thing I didn't spend to much time on it.

The cute 1 cup cake toppers

Later that evening we had ice cream and JackLOVED that. He would take a bite then giggle. bite giggled. 

Since Jack had so much fun with the ice cream we had to take a bath. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 23 of summer.

Summer has now officially started. Larry's opened and we went !!! I love Larry's and the happiness it brings. All the beautiful produce choices and my kids asking/begging for avocados pineapple strawberries apricots watermelon cherries green beans artichokes and getting so much that my cute picnic basket breaks.
Later that day we were productive and had some math.
Then the boys played in our pool for hours. They played lake Powell and jack slept for hours.
It was a great day for everyone.

The boys are trying to make orange smile faces. Yes that is ice cream all over his face. 

Noah's rainbow 

Look what I got * smile* 

3+4 = ? 

Trying to find the 5's 

Fathers day

Three cheers from three boys to our wonderful dad. Kevin got woken up very early with the gift Noah had worked so hard the day before to earn. He had wrapped it and was ready with the sun to open it with dad.
It was a wii game. Fun for dad and Noah. We made French toast and went to church. The kids sang to dad {a privilege the moms didn't get this year :( } and then home for our wii gaming.
Kevin had reserved the kitchen to make Chinese and I let him. Yes letting him in there and destroying my kitchen is a rarity. It was good Chinese too.
Monday night the frye family came up and we did dinner and fhe with them.

Pre fathers day fun

For fathers day eve we sell lemonade and the boys use the money to buy dad a gift. This year we tried to give free lemonade away to all the amazing dads. But they were so amazing they donated to my little sales men
Everyone else didn't stand a chance to cute Noah and Preston chasing after each car yelling lemonade. Free for dad !!! And waving.
I think we would have stayed longer but it was 104. I tried to tell the boys that was hot- but they were going to earn that money for dad. Jack hated the heat and cried through the whole adventure.