Friday, December 28, 2012


HAPPY 1st Birthday Jack- You are ONE!! 

 Jack loves to eat dirt the boys (Noah) thought we should have a farm birthday party for Jack. Noah planned the whole thing. 

These pictures were for his invite which would not upload 

it said...

with a jack jack here and a jack jack there 
here a jack there a jack everywhere is a jack jack 

which pretty much describes jack to a T 

Is this not the cutest cake in the whole world

All of the boys wanted to be in on the photo shoot. 

 jack just at the worms and didn't really care for the cake. Good thing I didn't spend to much time on it.

The cute 1 cup cake toppers

Later that evening we had ice cream and JackLOVED that. He would take a bite then giggle. bite giggled. 

Since Jack had so much fun with the ice cream we had to take a bath. 

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